Personal Life Coaching Sessions


Get What You Need and When You Need It.

Our Therapists are currently accepting new coaching clients focused on short-term problem solving, advice, life-transitions, and guidance regarding emotional health maintenance, Mind Body wellness, relationships, work-life integration, and more…

Clinical Coaching Designed for You

  • Are you struggling with a life decision and need a second opinion ?
  • Do you want to achieve a balanced work-life ?
  • Are you struggling with organization and getting things done?
  • Are you ready to enter the dating scene but need guidance ?
  • Do you need advice for a family problem, parenting issue, or relationship struggle?
  • Are you struggling with creative blocks or productivity ?
  • Are you in Fight or Flight mode, but want to Stay and Play?
  • Do you have a difficult time communicating or setting boundaries?
  • Are you struggling with body image?
  • Are you woman feeling “aspirational shame” about career, professional goals, and achievements?
  • Do you need practical advice balancing childcare, home demands, LifeStyle with your partner?

Coaching Solutions

Do you feel unable to get your goals met at work? or not performing as well as you would like in school or your career?  Are you procrastinating?  Are you afraid to take the next big step towards your aspirations?  

Are you doing pretty well professionally, but just not near where you know you have the potential to be?

Do you feel worn out or unfulfilled or lost?

Are you highly ambitious, but feel stuck?  Are you intelligent, but lack self-confidence?

Are you ready to leave an unhealthy relationship?  Are you ready to enter the dating scene?  

Are you ready to improve your Life Style? Or improve your functioning in any area of your life? 

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, it is highly probable you could benefit from coaching.

Coaching is a great tool for people who are currently stuck and who could use the guidance, advice, and leadership of a clinical therapist to figure out their next steps.

Coaching is Short-term and Laser Focused 

Coaching is a great for navigating a difficult life transition (e.g. break up, new job, moving to a new city, moving to college), wanting to improve your personal development, social skills, dating and relationships, navigate career choices and challenges, emotional health maintenance, Mind Body wellness, work-life integration, and more… 

Coaching is Guidance and Advice 

Coaching clients received direct guidance and professional advice.  Coaching with therapist also includes behavioral change with any personality traits that may be creating obstacles or resistances that are getting in the way of your personal and professional success. 

Coaching is Strength Based 

Our therapists practices a Strength Based model as the foundation for all of her evidenced scientific proven coaching modalities. Strength Based is grounded in Positive Psychology. Strength Based is about epic and powerful growth. Your strengths are harnessed and leveraged to create a more fulfilling and productive life. 

 Clinical Coaching Designed

You along with Therapist work to help you achieve a Vibrant Life.

  • Make confident decisions
  • Set healthy boundaries
  • Practice Self-awareness and Self-compassion
  • Learn healthy assertiveness skills
  • Improve communication skills
  • Prioritize Self-care rituals
  • Remove obstacles to creativity
  • Problem Solve
  • Remove “Aspirational Shame” blocks

Let’s Get Connected and Get Started to Design the Vibrant Life You Deserve to Live

Schedule Your Individual Vibrant Life Coaching Session

45-minute Coaching Session @ $250.00
60-minute Coaching Session @ $300.00

Life Coaching Pre-Pay Packages are available:

6 Coaching Session Package ( save 5 %)
12 Coaching Sessions Package ( save 10%)

Vibrant Life Coaching with Dr. Yancey is available via Telemental Health Psychotherapy, Phone, or via Concierge Services

By Scheduling a Coaching Session, you agree that our work together is Coaching. Coaching is not designed for psychiatric assessment nor psychotherapy for a mental illness. Coaching is appropriate for problem solving and guidance on specific issues.

Coaching is not appropriate for assessment, diagnosis, or treatment of mental illness, or psychological (psychiatric) disorders.

I look forward to working with you. Let’s Get Laser Focused.  Let’s Get Started.